Loucy, I'm hoooome!

Recently I had the pleasure of doing the Loucy family's photos - these have been some of my favorite pictures I've taken in a long time, not just because they're really photogenic and made my job easy, but because they're one of the more inspiring families that I know.

The Loucy's don't actually know the impact they've had on my life, but they are a major part of why I softened my heart toward coming back to church. They serve God and others faithfully; they put their family first; they're actually funny people who are enjoyable to be around; they aren't chasing the spotlight. I'm sure they, like everyone, have flaws and struggles that I don't see - but it's so refreshing to see people in the church who are genuine.

Some of my favorite pictures I took that day I can't legally post, because the Loucy's are foster parents and you can't put pictures of the foster kids online. The more I have thought about this the more that blows me away, because our society is obsessed with boasting about all the awesome and really unimportant things we do every day. I'm not that into Facebook status updates, but if I'm doing something cool that will make me look cool and let everyone know that I'm not just some dweeby, post-homeschool, college-less miscreant, I'm sure gonna Instragram that ish. Because like almost everyone else in my generation, I'm extremely self-obsessed.

The Loucy's do things that are really awesome and important. Being foster parents, and really good foster parents, is a really incredible and sacrificial thing, and seeing the way they pour love and kindness into this kid has really impacted me. They can't post pictures of them holding and loving their kid and showing everyone how cool they are, so all the affirmation they get has to be in person with people who know them, within themselves and their family, and from God. It shouldn't be so table-turning to see this, but like I said, we're a self-obsessed, narcissistic people who jump at the chance to tell everyone how cool we are.

Anyway, all that to say, Loucy's, I think you're cool.