Boston, Part II

This is Shanti.

I really loved talking to this girl; she's the friendly, free-spirited type, and I felt like we would have been good friends if we had the time. She lives in Montreal most of the year, and passionately shared all the best things to do there, and then told us some fun places to go in Boston.

She told us she had a date that night, and I'm dying to know how it went, because I love that stuff. Shanti, if you're reading this, e-mail me and let me know!

Something I really loved about Boston that I haven't seen in very many cities, is people seem to be incredibly willing to share. In our culture today there's such a high demand to be 100% unique that it makes sharing a little bit difficult. The idea that if you find one thing that is special and different, you can't give it away or it (and you) won't be special anymore. I didn't find that in Boston; everyone was friendly and open, and not as self-centered as many other cities and communities that I've encountered. It also wasn't as "cool" in a lot of ways, but I found myself really refreshed by meeting genuine souls who were just happy to connect to other people.

Another one of these kind souls I met was Chau.

She was leaning on this lamp post for quite some time, and it probably took me about twenty minutes to go talk to her. There are very few people who make me feel shy; this woman seemed very still and very certain, and that can really intimidate my anxious, clumsy personality. She seemed to me like she would be one of two ways - either very sweet and happy to chat, or slightly bitter and not wanting to be bothered. Thankfully she was the former, and was more than happy to share some bits of her life with me.

She had just been to Yosemite, which is one of my favorite places, and was telling me about the time she'd spent in Watkins Glen forty years ago. She was a business executive for a long time, and was really encouraging about my pursuit of photography. She was not phased at all that a stranger wanted to take her picture and put it online.

I used to love meeting strangers and hearing their stories, and at some point in the past five years became slowly jaded and bitter towards people; somehow I stopped believing that most people are kind, and that everyone has something worth sharing. The Humans of NY project sparked something in me that reminded me of the beauty of people and their individual stories, and I am incredibly thankful for the three ladies who spent the time to chat with me and have helped remind me that everyone has something to offer.

This guy and his super dry Japan outdoor pack pack.

This guy and his super dry Japan outdoor pack pack.

In case you wanted to know what the deal is with this crazy looking ship, it's called Vectis Osprey - read more here:

I also went to the Aquarium. I didn't take that many pictures because Aquariums are basically a portrait of what's under the sea, but it was pretty fascinating.

A few more street performers...

It was about 95 degrees out so I decided not to break dance with them.

Lastly we hit up this bar called "Cheers". It was really weird because I'd never been there before but everyone knew my name...