Hope and donuts.

Which came first, the donut or the wedding ring? Carefully crafted into a loop that has no beginning and no end, both symbolize a love that is intended to last a lifetime, it's hard to say which inspired the other.

The trick that donuts play on us, though, is that they are a little bit needy. They seem incredibly fun and light hearted at first, but a week later and they are still hanging around; dictating what you wear, demanding you slow down and watch movies with them, making fun of berries when you try to switch to a healthier "desert". You try to break up with them but they refuse to let you. They show up at parties they know you're going to be at, claiming that "one of your friends invited them".

Yesterday I had the gruesome job of walking away from this beautiful stale donut. I almost licked the glaze off my finger after placing the donut on the plate, but knew that would make the struggle more than I could bear, so I washed it off.

In the end, I set it up with someone else; someone I knew would appreciate it for all it was and for what it hoped to be.

Goodbye, sweet friend.