ONCE upon a time, there were five little boys. Those five little boys became men, and as men, they decided to make sweet rock and roll and wear dresses on the 6 o'clock news.

Let me introduce you to the Utica-grown band COMFY.

Comfy is the musical child of Connor Benincasa, and also consists of Zeno, Ben, Bobby and Doug. They recently got some unexpected attention from a tiny publication called, "Rolling Stone", who declared their album "Pillowhugger", as #10 on their Top 10 Best Cassettes of 2014" (check out that article here).

As a result of that, they've received a decent amount of attention from locals who hadn't previously known much about these talented bros. They have a show coming up January 30, at The Dev in Utica (one of my favorite local bars/venues). These photos were taken at a private show they put on at The Dev for a local news station.