I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.

- Lewis Black

I was just going through some of my photos from the past few months that I had forgotten about, and found these photos of Gypsy Donut from the trip I took to Nyack a few months ago. 

Gypsy Donut is the coffee shop my good friend Eric manages in Nyack, NY. After years of following his adventures in the coffee industry through Instagram and Facebook, I finally made it out to see them and check out the shop he and his friends have poured their hearts into.

This is Eric's fiancee` Anna, who is also an employee at Gypsy Donut.

Eric making me the best cappuccino I'd had in a long time.

This is Eric's roommate Ben, who also works at Gypsy. 

It was only a few months ago that I was passing through, and Eric and Anna were so hospitable. They took me and my brother Isaac out to dinner, let us crash on his couches, and bought us donuts while we waited out a freezing rain storm before we headed back Upstate.

Eric and Ben, along with their three other roommates, recently lost their home in a fire; they lost pretty much everything they had and were thankful to escape with their lives. They've been handling everything with so much grace, but are now left to start their lives from scratch. There's a fund someone started to help them raise some money to start over, and people have been so generous, but every little bit helps. If you feel compelled to donate anything to help these guys get back on their feet, please do.

If you ever find yourself in Nyack, NY, please check out their shop and say hi. It's worth the trip.