I ran outside to catch the sunset, and caught my grandparents being precious.

This almost college freshman just hanging out on the dock.

My mom reading a book.

Most of this house is a light peachy color and a stony light greenish blue, except for the stairs and the room I'm staying in, which are a very bold blue and I can't stand it.

So much fancy technology. Neall was able to join us for a little bit.

The antique store here in town is pretty incredible, and I got this almost 100 year old book of road maps and precious brass deer.

Even my very own Jenna stopped by to eat some pizza with me.

Isaac catches the most fish. He showed me pictures of the cool sun fish he caught, and as soon as I got out there all he caught was tiny perch. Sorry Isaac, I'm bad luck.

Family and time and growing up is really, really strange. I've worried about times that I would have to let go since I was little and first heard that sometimes people have to leave. Robinson leaves for college in almost a week, and then I leave about a week after that for Michigan; while I'm excited for the new adventures that wait for me, I also feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest. I moved to NY to get to know my brothers better, and I have, and now it's harder than ever to leave. 

This song keeps playing in my head that my brother Ricky wrote, "every time I pack my bags, there's someone that I leave behind; someone that has changed my life". 

But I'm grateful for this time that I'm not packing, not sorting, not going through check lists. I'm thankful for time to sit around and watch the Olympics and listen to my grandma gasp every time someone almost falls off the balance beam. I'm thankful to get to see my sister love her four kids so well. I'm thankful for time to gossip with my nieces and look at ideas for the future on Pinterest.

It takes a lot of work for me to live in the moment and appreciate what's happening now, instead of wishing for or fearing the future; but when I manage to, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for what God has given me.